I am passionate about helping people to heal and to awaken to the depths of their own soul—to discover their own intuition, passion, creativity, and power.


By healing, I do not mean only focusing on symptom relief, but on seeking the foundation and source of any imbalance, while moving towards health and wholeness in the largest sense. This means breaking free of old limiting beliefs and traumas, and reconnecting with your own deep inner wisdom, passion, and purpose. It means accessing and opening to the hidden parts of self - both the challenging and the magnificent aspects of self - knowing that all of them hold gifts. It means seeing the truth about the vastness of yourself and your deep innate interconnection with all of life. It means accessing more peace, joy, and vitality. 


By awakening, I do not mean some kind of ethereal transcendent state of living. I mean discovering the magic within and around you, seeing your true self and the alive nature of the universe, and experiencing yourself as an intimate and necessary part of creation. 


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I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, offering healing and soul work for both individuals and groups. After years of working as a psychiatrist, I retired from psychiatric practice to follow a shamanic calling to focus on the deeper foundation of healing and wholeness. My work is experiential, focused on learning and healing through direct experience rather than intellectual understanding. This allows for powerful energetic shifts and true transformation. 


The deep inner work of healing and awakening is best done within a safe and sacred container—someone holding the space for you to dive deep, as well as facilitating the more challenging parts of the journey. I am honored to offer my guidance in this process.


Please browse my website for more information on my offerings and feel free to contact me for more information.


Blessings on your journey!

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Dancing in the Dark

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Oct 15 - Nov 19, 2020

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                                       If we surrendered


                          to earth's intelligence


 we could rise up rooted, like trees.


                 ~Rainer Maria Rilke​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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