About me...

From a young age, I had a strong desire to help people heal. I followed this calling by becoming a physician, specializing in psychiatry, then working as a psychiatrist for the next 10 years. But even with my extensive training and experience, I knew there was more to learn and understand about helping people to heal and about the nature of our humanity. And so I was drawn to explore and train in alternative healing and spiritual practices— from EMDR, Meditation, and Hypnosis to Holotropic Breathwork™, Transpersonal Psychology, and Shamanism. My shamanic explorations took my across the United States, as well to Ecuador, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana, where I learned from indigenous healers the powerful healing wisdom and practices that have been followed for countless generations.


Those years of diverse training and experiences changed my world and gave me a much larger perspective through which I view my work, people, and the world. Over and over I have been awed and honored to experience the incredible beauty of the human heart and spirit and the amazing power we have to overcome adversity and transform ourselves and our lives. I have learned of the powerful healing wisdom that exists within all of us, the deep creativity that is our essence, and the necessity of attending to the energetic and spiritual dimensions of healing. 


The expanded view of health, healing, and wholeness that evolved led me to leave my practice of psychiatry in 2005 to follow a shamanic path, focusing on the deeper nature of healing and transformation. 

I continued further on this path by becoming a NIASZIIHhealing Practitioner in 2016 after 4 years of training with wildernessFusion. NIASZIIH is an earth-based, holistic system of healing that works with awareness and deep contact in healing the body, mind, and spirit. These teachings have been passed down to other healers from Lipan Apache elder, scout, and shaman, Stalking Wolf. 


I began training in Systemic & Family Constellation work in 2018, completing a year-long certificate training in this work at The Hellinger Institute of DC with Susan Ulfelder. Then in 2019, I continued to go deeper into this work with a 7-month certificate training in Constellation work with Francesca Mason Boring at All My Relations Constellations. This work allows a direct and deep way to work with burdened family systems and ancestors, as well as other systems of which we are all a part.

My work is more recently (2021) informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), which resonates deeply with my shamanic work. I completed the IFS Institute's 6 month IFS Online Circle training and am currently in IFS Level 1 training. (See the IFS Institute website to learn more. )


For more information on my training and experience, click here for my curriculum vitae.

Further perspective on my work:

In modern society, disenchantment is widespread. As individuals and collectively we are often disconnected from the beauty, magic, vitality, and deep creativity of ourselves and the natural world. So many have lost their way, disconnecting from their essence, losing their truth, their voice, their unique gifts, their passion—their soul. The remedy for this disconnect, this disenchantment, necessitates going deep within and reconnecting to our true essence. I focus on this kind of deep soul work using a variety of modalities and practices: shamanic work, meditation, past life work, and Systemic Constellations. Please read through my website for further details on my offerings - and feel free to contact me with any questions.