Shamanic & Soul Work

I offer shamanic healing and soul work, individually as well as in classes and workshops. With each client, my overall intention is to help you access your own deep inner truth, power, peace, and joy. Shamanic and soul work heal at multiple levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Although some clients come seeking a specific type of work, many do not and a plan is arrived at once they come in for a session. In addition to the offerings below, I may use sound, breath, and meditative practices. The work is customized: some people come for single sessions, some intermittently, and some come frequently over a period of time. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Update March 2020: Healing sessions are available either in-person or remotely, via Zoom. Remote sessions may involve shamanic healing, guided shamanic journeys, or mentoring. Contact me for more information!

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing works at the foundational levels of your being to bring in more balance and connection while releasing what no longer serves. Carrying your intention into the healing space, I track within you what is happening at a deeper, most often unconscious, level. Then I help you bring your own awareness into that place as well. Depending on what is needed, there may be different kinds of work done, such as: clearing of energies, reconnecting what is disconnected, balancing the brain, calming the nervous system, helping with energetic flow, work with emotions, soul retrieval, and more.

I also help you connect with supportive resources that feel right for you, which may be nature, animals, ancestors, spirit guides, and Spirit in the largest sense. When engaged in over time, this work can also help to disempower old limiting belief systems and patterns. Shamanic healing can bring about more peace, freedom of choice, well-being, joy, and purpose. (Available in person or remotely.)



Mentoring is valuable for anyone looking to live an authentic, vibrant life and seeking assistance in doing so. For those who are shamanic or other healing practitioners, mentoring offers guidance regarding any and all aspects of navigating one's own journey while guiding and healing others, as well as deepening the healing power of one's work. (Available in person or remotely.)


Shamanic Journeying & Hypnosis

In this work, I verbally guide you into a deeper state of relaxation, supported by music and your intention. That deeper state of consciousness is not limited by the normal perceptions of space, time, or perspective. This allows you to journey within the realms of soul and spirit, to directly access deep connection, healing, guidance, energy, and new perspectives. (Available in person or remotely.)


Past Life Regression

In traveling to past lifetimes, one finds increased perspective on the current lifetime and can heal emotions and unhealthy patterns, as well as receiving a new perspective on one’s true nature. This is done using hypnosis to enter a deeper state of consciousness, then guidance through a portal into past lives.

For further information and Frequently Asked Questions, please click here. 


Upcoming Shamanic events


Dancing in the Dark: Shamanic Navigation Through Challenging Times

 A 6-week online course, November 9 - December 14, 2021, Tuesdays, 7 pm - 9 pm. Click here for details. 

*Please note that I have retired my medical license to focus on alternative modalities of healing, so I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any specific illnesses and my work is not covered by insurance.

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