Your Wild Soul Is Calling

~ awakening the truth & power within ~

June 1  - July 6, 2021

6-week online course with Sandy Phocas


What is your soul calling you towards? What is your deepest truth?

How can you align with your soul’s essence and power?


There is such mystery in our own depths—and such beauty, passion, and power that is too often hidden. Yet it calls to you, your soul, pulling on you to go deeper, to trust your own authentic voice, to liberate and empower your deepest self. Its nature is primal - your own creative life force energy - and it longs to be embodied in the world.


When we are disconnected from the depths of our soul, our own unique essence, we feel a lack of vitality, passion, and joy. We are prone to depression, stress, and loss of meaning and purpose. And yet our true nature is one of immense energy, creativity, beauty, and wisdom.


This course will offer a safe and sacred space to explore these depths in an online format, with modern and ancient spiritual practices: guided shamanic journeys, past life regression, meditations, embodied movement, and connection with nature.


No prior experience is necessary. This course is appropriate for those new to the above practices - and, since it is primarily experiential, will also be of benefit to those who are more experienced.


When: June 1 - July 6, 2021, Tuesdays 7 - 9 pm

Where:  Online via Zoom 

*In case you miss a class or wish to re-listen to it, classes will be recorded and available for download to participants. (Only Sandy's part is recorded, not participants.)

Cost:  $180 (includes 6 classes and recordings)

*Payment plans and sliding scale available; contact Sandy to arrange. 

Advance registration is required. Space is limited.


Cancellation policy: $20 is non-refundable. Full fee is non-refundable once within 3 days of the first class unless someone else fills your spot. 


Questions? Call Sandy at 336-287-0061 or email.

Registration: Class is now full! Contact Sandy if you wish to be put on the mailing list for future classes.